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I am a natural born psychic and an Emotional Intelligence Executive Coach certified in Mindset. I have always been creative since I was a child, intuitive and full of emotional intelligence and intuition that enhance my psychic and clairvoyant being, because everything is flowing energy, including the energy produced by the human brain. I am a particular psychic because I am a logical person and I always push to observe the facts and to give the best with what you have in order to achieve success and results, I push for taking action based on the observation of the facts and on intuition rather than on 'overthinking that drains energy and only creates confusion. I love tarot cards and I use them to read energy and transmit messages aimed at introspection because nothing is set in stone, things change based on people's choices, you are the creator of your reality. I am here to help you on a growth journey to discover yourself, with the knowledge acquired through my personal life experience, so as to offer you a proven tool on myself, to help you achieve your goals and to ground this Energy into the new version of yourself.

My abilities are as follows

  • Loved ones
  • Past Lives
  • Friends
  • Career
  • Love & Family
  • Pets
  • Destiny & Life Path
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