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Hey there, a super warm welcome! I'm Priyanka, your enthusiastic Tarot companion. Growing up, I always sensed a bit of a gap between me and my peers. I realised eventually that this feeling of being different was actually because I had some unique soul purposes. I discovered I had this knack for unconventional intuitions and reading energies. That realization led me straight into the fascinating realm of occult science. My Tarot journey kicked off when I had my first reading from a seasoned Tarot pro. The way she delved into my situations and offered guidance felt like she had a backstage pass to my life. I was hooked! How could a handful of cards speak to me so personally? How could a stranger interpret them to not just spill my truths but also guide me through my challenges? That spark ignited my interest in Tarot, and I dived headfirst. I got my own Tarot deck, started learning the ropes, and soon enough, I was in sync with my cards on a whole new level. My first reading, done for my mom, turned out to be 100% accurate! And ever since then I have been unstoppable in this mystical journey. It nourishes my soul when I help people with their life situations using Tarot cards as a tool. Let me lend a hand with your concerns, be your guide, and assist you in discovering your life's true purpose.

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