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Hello!💜 My name is Sam. I am a tarot reader, life coach, & trinity reiki practitioner. What I do as a spiritual advisor is connect directly with your spirit guides and ancestors to assist you with whatever questions you may have in relation to your life at this time. I never give my own opinion or human advice in a reading. My job is to be a clear enough channel to give you your guides or spirit’s message for you because they are the ones who truly know what’s best for you overall. Also, As a trinity reiki practitioner any call you have with me will automatically assist you in raising your energetic vibration to higher levels of ascension. This can result in a lot of positive energy shifts for you in your daily life over time. I have a lot of spiritual knowledge and am well versed in a number of spiritual topics so feel free to connect with me if you have questions about such things. I have also helped some of my past clients in relation with learning to read their own tarot cards if that is something you are desiring to do for yourself. Ultimately my goal is to be of service to spirit by helping you move toward the highest and best timeline for yourself how ever I can. You will always receive judgement free, honest and open energy from me, and the highest perspective understanding I can give you of your guide's message for you. With that being said. I hope to hear from you soon!

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