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Hi and welcome to my Spiritual Blossom home. My name is Venus Rose.🌹 I am world traveled and trained in many areas of life and Spiritual Journeys. I am skilled in psychometry and clairaudience analysis as well as path finding and aligning. Because of my Quantum Mind Alignments and thought/belief/perception techniques I am able to help you understand the best qualities of yourself and help you achieve authentic truth in your life. ❤️ I am skilled in mediumship and alternate realities focal point development and manifestation tactics. In this as well as true source honesty in what your authentic and ideal self is seeking to live as. I can help you define yourself in why and what’s best for you. 🔮 I am best at strategy and communication directives for positive achievements and goal attainment. As well as I use universal astrology and my unique skills in Astrology development and how to achieve your uniqueness and essence of source in logical tactics. Skills: Spiritual investigation Identity Training Self defense techniques in problem solving Obstacle removing Mediumship, scrying, psychometry, telekinesis Cartomancy Astrology Certified in Archetypal Energy Healing Expressive Arts and I am an ordained Creative Artist with universal ministry training. I have been a frequent attendant in many workshops. I have focused on training as a personal development partner and interpretation goal planner, certified of completion in artistic expressive healing arts, community services via my Universal ministries which includes art and DNA research, authenticity of DNA and migration and family imprinting. I am well versed at scrying into family lineage as well as healing and the effects of spiritual and religious beliefs and spiritual practices. I hope you will join me on your spiritual journey and allow me to open the windows into your past, present and future. With Light & Love Venus Rose 🌹

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  • Destiny & Life Path
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