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Hi beautiful souls🌟, I am Helene. As a natural born ☯️Psychic Empath, 🙌Reiki Master, 🧙‍♂️Pendulum Dowser and 🔮Angel Card Reader my goal is to bring you clarity about your past, present and future, help you on your life path and gain better understanding of your current personal situation.. My gifts were handed down to me from my father who was a psychic medium and I knew early in life that I perceive my environment different than most other people. In my mid twenties I became a Reiki practitioner and around the same time I started working with my pendulum. In 2016 I was initiated as Master for Usui and Angel Reiki. My connection to angels and spirit guides lets me give accurate and compassionate readings and also help cope with grief of a lost family member or partner. Besides being fluent in English I can also do readings in my native language Swiss German and German. I specialize in love, relationship, family and friends, career, business and money, destiny and life path, cope with grief

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  • Love & Family
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