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Hello! 🤗 I'm Madame Creatrix. I'm a certified Spiritual Coach and Reiki Master, a Sacred Space facilitator, psychic medium, a trance and conscious channeler, a creativity mentor, and your new favorite emotional support witch. 😘 I'm here to provide help, guidance, and ethereal wisdom, and answers using both my gifts and honed skills. I'm a vibrant soul, born with my clairvoyant senses cranked up to maximum volume. My journey started over 25 years ago! ✨ I had my first prophetic dream when I was about 5 or 6, was given my first Tarot deck when I was in middle school, and had my first spirit encounter when I was in High School. 🔮 I've fully embraced and explored both the light and the darkness that comes with my abilities and have found a beautiful balance that allows me to tap in with ease and deliver the answers and guidance you need to hear. Think of our sessions as a comfy chat with a friend that just so happens to know some stuff. 🧿 My goal is for you to leave our sessions with clarity, confidence, the knowledge and wisdom to make the mindful decisions you need to make. I offer: ***Distance Reiki Healing ***Tarot + Oracle Readings ***Spiritual Development Guidance ***Dream Interpretations ***Spiritual Coaching ***Guidance for Spiritual Awakenings ***Dark Nights of the Soul ***Shadow Work ***Manifestation Practices ***Magical Practices ***Small Business and Entrepreneur Marketing + more! I look forward to talking with you!

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