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Peace & sincerity 🌱I am Lola Seer🔮 , a 3rd generation Psychic Healer with strong roots coming from the essence of New Orleans. The spirit of the bayou radiates through my bloodline as I come from a history of Root Workers 📿 ••• ✨I’ve been in tune with my clairvoyant abilities since the age of 4 when I had first began to see auric energies around my peers, receive premonitions through vivid dreams, and connect with ancestral spirit guides✨ ••• ✨🔮✨ During our consultation, expect a profound and insightful journey with me. Utilizing intuitive insights, I dive deep into your energies, shedding light on your current and future relationships. As we uncover the dynamics of your romantic life, I offer clear and sensitive guidance to navigate its complexities. Prepare for an empathetic and empowering experience that fosters self discovery in matters of love 🌺💖🌺 ••• With over a decade of experience as a psychic, I've guided many individuals. My abilities transcend time, providing clarity on past, present, and future aspects of life. My areas of expertise include… ⭐️ Clairvoyance ⭐️ Guided Meditation ⭐️ Energetic Eye Readings ⭐️ Tarot ⭐️ Oracle ⭐️ Dream Interpretation ⭐️ Aura Assessment ⭐️ Love & Soulmate Insight ~ POI ⭐️ Life Coaching ⭐️ Pendulum ~ Yes or No ⭐️ Chakra Readings ⭐️ Career & Money Insight ⭐️ Travel ⭐️ Family I connect profoundly, with or without tools *I DO NOT OFFER ADVISEMENT FOR MEDICAL OR LEGAL MATTERS

My abilities are as follows

  • Career
  • Friends
  • Destiny & Life Path
  • Pets
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