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"Hey lovely souls, I am psychic Kaithy. I am a natural born gifted psychic and a tarot card reader. I am a talented psychic with 10 years of experience. Spirituality was something that was connected to me before I was born. So it is natural and I am also a 4th generation psychic in my family. I always had a deep and strong connection with the spiritual realm. So I started to focus on my spirituality. I have always had this ability like I could just feel things and have strong intuition abilities. I was not until I started to explore different spiritual practices and also started honing my abilities through meditation and energy work. I am very friendly, non-judgmental, compassionate, and warm. My reading is to the point and without sugar coating. I specialize in psychic readings, love readings and can provide insights into your relationships and future romantic prospects. I am also a tarot card reader so I read tarot cards as well. My clients appreciate my compassionate and honest approach. If you're seeking clarity and guidance in matters of the heart, I am definitely someone to consider. Looking forward to helping you through your life journey.🔮😊 Many blessings to you. Love and Light.

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