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Hello everyone! I am Helen and I am excited and honored to help you on your journey and help you find the answer you seek. I grew up in a psychic family, very close to my maternal grandmother, an extremely talented and gifted psychic, who passed her gifts on to me. I have been reading tarot since I was 18, but have always been aware of the spirits in the world who are reaching out to us. I have an agreement with the universe to share information with people that they need to know. My first experience of communication was when I was about four years old. As a result, I have spent a lifetime honing my gifts, but my greatest gift is the ability to share them. In my development as a medium, I have found that I am a Clairaudient (hearing voices) Clairvoyant (seeing images) Clairsentient (recognizing feelings) and Claircognizant (knowing), though I typically will not experience more than two types of communication in a reading. I may also call on my ability to read auras during our time together on video. I use a variety of tools to help me see the information that the universe is passing along for you. I offer the following with my readings: Aura Readings Oracle Readings Tarot Readings Lenormand Readings Tea Leaf Card Readings Hypno-Centered Energy Coaching Spiritual Counseling Reiki Healing (Master/Teacher) Pet Reiki Healing Energy Psychology Coaching Energy Protection and Boundaries Practitioner Manifestations Coach Chakra Healing and Clearing Life Coaching Art Therapy Life Coaching Feel free to ask for a specific service or let the universe guide me to the tool you need at that time. As a strong empath, I know many people are feeling uncertainty or dealing with fears and feelings of inadequacies. I am here to help you through the challenges, questions and insecurities you may be facing. Bad times do not last, sometimes you just need someone to help guide you through them. I am here for YOU and am looking forward to helping you along your path. Accreditations: Certified Tarot Card Reader Advanced Chakra Healer Certified Professional Energy Psychology Coach Certified Energy Protection and Boundaries Practitioner Certified Spiritual Counselor and Psychology Empath Certified Art Therapy Life Coach Certified Professional Energy Psychology Coach Certified Life Coach Certified Manifestation Coach

My abilities are as follows

  • Career
  • Love & Family
  • Friends
  • Destiny & Life Path
  • Pets
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