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Welcome to my page! Hi my name is Tarot Goddess. I’m here as a guidance and spiritual advisor. I want to use my gifts to uplift the world and to spread positivity. I use tarot and oracle cards for quick insights and quick answers. When you book a reading with me, I’m always honest and direct in my sessions. I do not answer questions related to legal issues, health, or pregnancy. I've been reading tarot for 3 years. I knew when I was young I had a gift. I just always had hunches on things and had vivid dreams and astral projections moments that, at first scared me but now I know how to use that power and I think of it as my Angels and God protection. I'm an empath, Clair cognizance, Clairsentience and Clairaudience. I can hear spirit so clear when I receive the messages. My job is to just pass it along for whatever is needed. I can read aura's if I’m around someone and in big crowds I have been known to get a hunch or a gut feeling when I feel it's time to go. I love astrology. It has helped me find my path and my purpose so now I am here to help and guide you through the questions you have.

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