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Hi! I am Lavender! I have been working as a clairvoyant psychic, dream interpreter and pet psychic for over 30 years. My ethnic background is Croatian and my mother and grandmother who were from Croatia were extremely psychic and also did amazing dream interpretation! They were also animal lovers like me! 😊 When I was a little girl of about 8 years old, my grandmother had recently passed away from liver cancer, and I connected with her spirit. I woke up all of a sudden in my bed and felt as if someone had sat on the bed. I looked and didn't see anybody and yet felt this deep presence of my grandmother. It scared me because I was so young and didn't quite understand it. The next morning without me mentioning anything, my mother said that Grandma had gone to her last night and sat on her bed. Whoa!! I told my mother the same thing happened to me and that I was scared. She comforted me and said that it was my grandmother and she loves both of us dearly and didn't want to leave us. 💜 Now as an adult I've been doing readings for over 30 years and I love helping people! I tell the truth and I'm very honest and don't sugarcoat when I give the information and at the same time I am always loving and caring with the way I deliver the i details. I also deeply connect with pets. They are truly the love of my life! So if you need a reading regarding your furry or scaly baby, I'm your girl! 🥰

My abilities are as follows

  • Career
  • Love & Family
  • Friends
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