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Hello my name is Kyler and thank you for checking out my profile! I’ve been clairvoyant & empathic my whole life but it was not until the last few years that the feeling’s have become so strong. But with that said I want to share with YOU what I believe are the top 5 qualities a person should look for in an advisor: #1 Being highly empathic or able feel what your feeling. #2 High level of intuition or being able to really get in touch with your “gut feeling” or simply reading between the lines. #3 High level of communication, God gave me 2 ears and 1 mouth for a reason. #4 Moral integrity, or more simply said being able to deliver a truthful message without any abrasion or negativity. And last but not least #5 which is adaptability. We all suffer from the same (FUD), fear, uncertainty & doubt. But with that said we are all unique and different as well that why adaptability is so important. Please allow me to be your personal advisor & advocate, and most importantly thank you for visiting Spiritual Blossom. I’ll see you inside. Kyler

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