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Hi Friends! Welcome! I am an intuitive, accurate, honest psychic and Tarot expert/author. I love helping people forward in their lives. I believe we, as Children of the Universe, have a right to be here as well as a purpose, destiny, and goal. During a Tarot reading with me, you will find out what you need to know about your spirit, health, emotions, mind, and money at this point in your life. I also am an expert in other types of magic which you may be seeking or needing and fall within the safe guidelines for this site. We are not meant to live alone. We are here for each other, and the Universe is always here for us as well. The worst thing for us is to be separated from the source that gave us life. You will leave my readings and sessions feeling closer to the Universe, affirmed, enlightened, and ready to resume your journey with wisdom, knowledge, joy, hope, and direction. I have been a full-time practicing psychic for the past three years. I have always had psychic abilities and a passion for all things magical and metaphysical, but my readings and psychic services were previously only for family and friends. I am honored and blessed to be using these abilities now professionally for thousands of people seeking my psychic services, guidance, and insight. I look forward to meeting with you! I assure you complete privacy, confidentiality, honesty, and compassion. Ask me anything about yourself or others: past, present, and future. I promise you that I will always do my very best for you. You matter. You are wonderful. You are loved.

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