21 May - 20 June
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Horoscope for today

February 29th 2024

Gemini, flexibility is the name of the game today as the universe nudges you to embrace change with an open heart and mind. Be adaptable and willing to pivot in response to shifting circumstances, trusting that flexibility is the key to resilience and growth. Remember, life is constantly in flux, and by embracing change with grace and acceptance, you empower yourself to navigate the ebb and flow of the cosmic tide with ease. Trust in the wisdom of the universe as you surrender to the unfolding journey of your life's evolution.

Horoscope for this week

February 26th - March 4th 2024

This week, Gemini, communication is paramount for success. Early on, ensure clarity in your messages to prevent misunderstandings. Mid-week brings a surge of social energy, ideal for networking or reconnecting. Stay adaptable as unexpected opportunities arise. Toward the week's end, prioritize self-care to recharge. Listen to your intuition for guidance. Embrace change with optimism, and you'll navigate smoothly.

Horoscope for this month

February 2024

Gemini, February brings a focus on your career. Expect recognition and new opportunities that can propel you forward. Financially, be cautious with investments and expenses. In love, open communication is vital for harmony. Health should be a priority; make time for exercise and stress management. Your social life may need attention, so balance work and play. Embrace this dynamic month by staying adaptable and seizing the chances that come your way.